Health Insurance for Small Businesses

Small business owners have many considerations when it comes to choosing a health insurance provider and plan. Health insurance benefits are a top factor in recruiting and retaining small business employees, and offering a strong plan can help your company retain its competitive advantage. Of course, the health insurance options that are available to your small business depend on three main factors: your small business’s age, location, and size.

Finding a health insurance provider that fits your small business’s unique needs is uniquely important, that’s why we’ve partnered with eHealth to help you compare plans and carriers.

What questions are considered in selecting a small business health insurance plan?



Can your small business afford to offer employee health insurance?


Coverage Plans

Do you know what type of coverage plans your company would like to offer?


Quote Comparison

Which quotes apply to your location and ideal group coverage plan?


Company Details

Have you organized your proof of business type and location, payroll, and employee details?