About Us

Golden Capital Insurance Services is an experienced and innovative commercial insurance agency located in the heart of Southern California. Over the years, we have built a reputation on the integrity and utmost respect with which we serve our clients.

We have assembled a large network with a variety of insurance carriers to assure our clients the highest quality insurance possible.


Our Values

Our mission as an insurance agency is plain and simple; to provide excellent quality of service, speed,  and as much savings as possible. When you call  us, you will speak with an actual person that will work  on your every need. We will be very familiar with your account, and you will not just be a file in our  cabinet. We strive to not only be an insurance  brokerage, but a trusted advisor, honest  consultant, and a golden business partner.


We promise to endlessly shop the market and try to save as much money as we can with quality items tailored for you. We understand your needs as small business owners and will always work with your best interest in mind. We consistently make ourselves available to answer questions, concerns, certificates, endorsements, etc. We are here to educate you on your insurance needs and smartly put more money into your pocket. Your business is your business, and our promise is to look out for your business as if it was our own.